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Shuko offers daily tasting menus from Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau based on traditional Japanese flavors and techniques from the kitchen and sushi bar. Our menu reflects the best fish selections and seasonal ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

We take reservations 14 days in advance, both at the tables and at the sushi counter. You must request your preferred seating at the time of making your reservation. Due to high demand and the nature of our menu, please allow 2 hours and a half for dinner. We will only hold a reservation for 15 minutes, otherwise you will have to wait for the next time we can accommodate, which may be a different day.

We require a valid credit card to hold all reservations. Shuko will charge a cancellation fee of $135 per guest in the event of a no-show or cancellation within 24 hours of the reservation time for parties of 4 or less, and 48 hours for parties of 5 or more.  The fee also applies if the party size decreases within the cancellation fee window.


Sushi Omakase ($135)
Daily selections of sashimi and sushi based on freshness and seasonality

Sushi Omakase Beverage Pairing ($75)

Combination of wine & sake

Sushi Kaiseki ($175)
Multi-course menu celebrating seasonal ingredients through a progression of composed dishes and sushi tasting

Sushi Kaiseki Beverage Pairing ($125)

All encompassing pairing of wine, sake & spirits

Private Dining

Our private dining room is located down the stairs and is ideal for enjoying drinks and dinner with a group of five to eight people. The room features a single unfinished white ash wooden table with charming brick walls.

Additionally, Shuko is available for both in restaurant and off site events. Whether it be a private party at our sushi bar, or an off site event, please email us at reservations@shukonyc.com for inquiries.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

We unfortunately cannot accommodate vegan or vegetarian menus.  We will do our best to accommodate all other serious allergies and dietary restrictions. Any changes to the menu must be requested 24 hours in advance of your booking by emailing us at reservations@shukonyc.com


Monday - Saturday 5:30pm - 10:30pm
Closed Sundays


47 East 12th Street (between University and Broadway)
New York, NY 10003


During 2005, Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau met while working at Masa in Columbus Circle.  In 2012, Chefs Kim and Lau partnered on their first solo project, Neta, to explore their modern interpretation of a traditional sushi counter; Neta opened to rave reviews including two stars from the New York Times in its inaugural year.  The following year Chefs Kim and Lau announced their departure from Neta to focus on their own restaurant, Shuko.  Shuko popped up in East Hampton during the summer and is now open full-time in Union Square.


Chef Jimmy Lau began his culinary training in New York. Following his apprenticeship and mastery of the art of sushi-making, Chef Lau worked at a variety of Japanese restaurants before spending a year and a half cooking his way across the United States, learning French, Italian, Chinese and Turkish cuisines. Upon his return to New York, Chef Lau served as Head Chef at Masa Takayama's Bar Masa where he also coordinated the restaurant's international fish purchases and inventory.  Together with Nick Kim, Chef Lau opened Neta, Shuko Beach in East Hampton and now Shuko in Union Square.




Chef Nick Kim began his culinary training in world renowned restaurants across Europe; he returned to the United States to spend his formative years working alongside Masa Takayama at Ginza Sushi-Ko in Los Angeles. Two year later, Chef Kim was named Head Chef and moved to New York to help Chef Takayama open Masa. Over the course of Chef Kim's tenure at Masa, the restaurant received numerous accolades including three Michelin stars and a four star review from the New York Times.  Together with Jimmy Lau, Chef Kim opened Neta, Shuko Beach in East Hampton and now Shuko in Union Square.

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